The St Martin’s Cottage and Garden Society (or the South Show as we know it) was founded in 1908. Fruit, vegetables and flowers adorned the trestle tables to be admired and scrutinised by a wealth of visitors.

In 1921, “Horticultural” was added and in 1922, the “Fur and Feather” section was included. In 1923 St Martin’s and the Forest joined forces and the show changed its name to the St Martin’s and Forest Cottage Garden and Horticultural Society and saw the addition of a Sweet Pea and Rose Show for the first time.

The addition of cattle and horses in 1924 gave the show its firm foundations. In 1936 St Peter Port was included and the Society became the Southern Agricultural and Horticultural Society as we know it now.

In 1940, following a very difficult year, all activities of the Society were cancelled. Then in 1946 the successful amalgamation of the St Andrew’s Cottage and Horticultural Society with the Guernsey Agricultural and Horticultural Society was achieved.

The South Show enjoyed many successful years, taking place in the surrounding fields of Sausmarez Manor and incorporating added attractions such as Miss Guernsey, Bonny Babies, jousting and break-dancing – it even had its own newspaper!

During the early part of 2000, the Show suffered due to a number of constraints and the tents were no longer an annual sight in the Sausmarez Manor fields.

Happily, thanks to the invaluable help and continued support of the South Show ‘stalwarts’ (and they know who they are), the addition of like-minded younger helpers and members, the South Show goes from strength to strength. It is now housed in the St Martin’s Community Centre and the adjoining field and offers brilliant value family fun!

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